Crotched Mountain School

1 Verney Drive
Greenfield, NH 03047
David Etlinger, Director of Admissions
Phone: 603.547.1894
Fax: 603.547.2169

Population Served:

Autism, Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Other Health Impairment, Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech-Language Impairments, Multiple Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury Emotional Disturbance, Neurological Disorders, Rare Genetic and Metabolic Disorders

School Profile:



Approved grades:

Preschool, K-12

Number of days open: 

Residential – 365, Educational – 220


Day / Residential / Summer



Location and Facilities:

Greenfield, NH
Day and residential School
On-campus residences, including DCYF ISO
Student Health Center

Admissions Procedures:

Contact the Admissions Office for admission packet, reviewed by Committee.

Programs and Services:

Comprehensive rehabilitation and special education services, full range of clinical, therapeutic, pre-vocational training, residential care, and Assistive Technology

Additional Information:

Certificate of Program Completion
Certificate of Attendance

History and Philosophy:

For over 50 years, Crotched Mountain School has provided an unforgettable learning and living experience surrounded by the natural beauty of New Hampshire. We help our students gain the skills to succeed in the community and to live a life of maximum independence.

A fully accredited Kindergarten through 12+ residential and day school, Crotched Mountain School specializes in autism, communication needs, and addressing challenging behaviors. We offer a unique combination of innovative special education, year-round accessible recreation, community-based vocational opportunities, and a comprehensive suite of therapeutic supports.

Crotched Mountain School is approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education as a private special education school. We are licensed for all recognized IEP classifications.