Enriched Learning Center

PO Box 487, 26 Exchange Street
Berlin, NH 03570
James Cochran, Director
Clay Vetter, Director
Phone: 603.215.6372
Fax: 603.215.0003

Population Served:

Autism, Emotional Disturbance, Other Health Impairment, Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech-Language Impairments, Multiple Disabilities

School Profile:



Approved grades:

Grades 1-12

Number of days open: 

180 days/school year, 10 days/extended school year


Private Day School


20 students (rolling admission) school year, 12 students ESY

Location and Facilities:

Single building at 26 Exchange Street, Berlin, NH

Admissions Procedures:

Public School District Administrators make referrals to ELC School Director(s).

Programs and Services:

The primary purpose of the ELC is to provide a comprehensive array of programming for both boys and girls who are diagnosed with developmental, social, and emotional disabilities. Services will include: behavioral interventions, education, vocational preparation, recreation, community services, case management and specialized treatment services, including individual and group counseling.

Teach each student to develop and cultivate social and problem-solving skills to enhance relationships with peers and adults.

Establish appropriate behavior for success in classroom situations and enhance academic performance and productivity.

Improve students’ self-esteem by teaching competencies in academic, recreational, and community activities.

Reduce students’ risk factors and strengthen resiliencies, such as social functioning, academic performance, decision-making, and impulse control.

Additional Information:

The ELC works with students on an individual basis to develop an educational plan to enable high school students to complete all state course requirements for graduation. As students progress in their behavioral and academic goals, we will arrange, when appropriate, for students to return to their sending district; this transition process is highly individualized.

History and Philosophy:

Established and DOE/State Approval: September 2009

The mission of the Enriched Learning Center (ELC) is to foster social, emotional, and educational development in students by engaging each individual’s strengths and interests in order to prepare students for graduation, transition back to the public school or the community. The school has developed extensive partnerships with local communities and businesses for educational, recreational and vocational activities.

The ELC provides a flexible and dynamic approach to meeting the needs of each student, using a team of staff members to collaborate with each student, his/her family and the LEA to develop Individualized Educational Plans (IEP). Education and supportive therapeutic services will be individually tailored and developmentally appropriate to meet the specific needs of each student. The ELC will provide a safe, non-punitive environment where students will receive a balanced education that focuses equally on academic, vocational, and social skills.