Granite Hill School

PO Box 25, 135 Elm St
Newport, NH 03773
Danielle Paranto, Principal
Phone: 603.863.0697
Fax: 603.863.1574

Population Served:

Middle and high school students with emotional disabilities, other health impairments, specific learning disabilities, and autism.

School Profile:



Approved grades:


Number of days open: 

180 days with an additional summer school





Location and Facilities:

High School Building is located at 135 Elm Street, Newport, NH. Middle School Building is located at 137 Elm Street, Newport, NH.

Admissions Procedures:

The admissions process starts with school district referrals. Students complete an application and pre-admissions assessment, followed by an interview and tour of the school. Required documents include a recent psychological evaluation, a current IEP, transcript of grades, and an immunization record.

Programs and Services:

Each student at Granite Hill School co-creates a class schedule that meets the requirements for earning a high school diploma, as well as addresses the student’s transitional goals and needs. This schedule is based on the Granite Hill School curriculum, which reflects New Hampshire Minimum Standards as well as the Common Core and New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks. Students attend four classes a day as well as a Student-Centered Wellness block that allows for additional academic support, recreation, and other experiential activities. With class sizes of typically 4-6 students, teachers are able to provide a responsive classroom where competency based instruction can be implemented.

Granite Hill School also offers the support of a full time Mental Health Counselor, behaviorists, and para-educators who are trained to provide Rehabilitative Assistance in the forms of Trauma-Informed Practices, Differentiated Instruction, Vocational Training and Social Emotional Skills development.

Granite Hill School considers social emotional skills vital to a student’s future success. Each student at Granite Hill School has an Individual Social Development Plan (ISDP). The ISDP or Point Sheet is a structured way to reinforce pro-social behaviors. The ISDP includes goals that are derived from the five core competencies of Social Emotional Learning: self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Students are reinforced in these five areas throughout the entire school day.

Additional Information:

Students may earn diplomas from either their sending district or Granite Hill School. The school also offers credit recovery for students who have fallen behind, as well as summer school, vocational training and work-study options.

History and Philosophy:

The Granite Hill School is founded on the beliefs of John Dewey, who believed strongly in educating the whole child. We believe that, to develop students’ character and educational competency, we must build authentic relationships with them. By considering a student’s interests, needs, and goals, we are able to design a learning experience that promotes student engagement and academic achievement. Instructionally, we support student-centered learning and provide opportunities for multiple learning styles to flourish in completing a competency-based curriculum.