Learning Skills Academy

1247 Washington Road
Rye, NH 03870
Karen Elrod Staines, MS.Ed.
Phone: 603.964.4903

Population Served:

Our students experience academic and social challenges resulting from language-based or visual-spatial learning disabilities, speech and language impairments or other health impairments. Our mission is to ignite the educational potential of students with language and learning differences so that they may succeed in school, college, and career. LD, SLI, OHI

School Profile:



Approved grades:

Ages 7-21

Number of days open: 

180 day school year program: 16 day Summer Academy


Both the NH and MA Departments of Education approve our day program and Summer Academy.


Location and Facilities:

We have a dedicated Upper School for grades 9-12. The other buildings house grades 3-8, our Language and Math Labs and a gym. With our curriculum-based field studies, we take advantage of our location in NH’s beautiful seacoast area. LSA works with parents and districts to assure that each student has a personal computer.

Admissions Procedures:

The admissions process typically begins with a contact by a parent or a school district, followed by a tour and a conversation with the Executive Director. If LSA seems an appropriate match, the parent or district completes the application and submits information which speak to the child’s strengths and needs; this usually includes the IEP, current evals and a writing sample. Upon review of that information, the student may be invited to spend the day at LSA.

The admissions process allows LSA to select students who need, and are expected to benefit from, our program. The decision for admittance is made within two weeks of the visit. If there is room, the student may enroll at any point in the year.

Programs and Services:

Additional Information:

History and Philosophy:

LSA was established in 1985 to provide language-based instruction in the seacoast area. LSA offers a comprehensive school experience, providing tutorials in the basic skills of literacy and mathematics, while facilitating higher order thinking skills through our theme-based content area instruction. We seek to meet students’ social and emotional needs by providing pragmatic language instruction within a meaningful social context. Adventure-based learning, which is designed to improve communication, increase a sense of community, and build leadership qualities for success, is an integral part of our program.
Additionally, we are a diploma granting secondary school as approved by the NHDOE.