Monarch School of New England

105 Eastern Ave
P.O. Box 1921
Rochester, NH 03866
Diane Bessey, Executive Director
Kate Sisneroz, Director of Education
Phone: 603.332.2848
Fax: 603.330.0838

Population Served:

Students with severe physical, medical and developmental disabilities, including: autism, behavioral, developmental-delay, emotional disturbance, vision impairment, intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairments, speech-language impairments, specific learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury.

School Profile:



Approved grades:

K-12+ overall, with K-8 at Foss Campus, and 9-12+ at Williams Campus

Number of days open: 

200 Day Program (180 days September – June / 20 days summer)





Location and Facilities:

Foss Campus (Grades: K-8), Rochester, NH
Williams Campus – MSNE Regional High School & Vocational Center (Grades: 9-12+), Rochester, NH

Facilities include: vocational training center, nature trail, playground, green house and therapeutic garden space, assistive technology / adaptive equipment, library, computer lab.

Admissions Procedures:

Referrals are made from school districts to the Director of Education.

Programs and Services:

Education is the basis for working with each child; lessons are aligned with the Frameworks and Standards of the New Hampshire Department of Education. The Monarch curriculum integrates education with traditional and innovative, complimentary therapies in both school and community settings. The Monarch School of New England is founded on the principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), which are applied in the classrooms and across all supports, treatments and therapies.

We offer three programs. Day Program (students attend MSNE for an indefinite period of time – in addition to receiving an education, they also receive related services as outlined in their IEP, including: behavioral therapy, speech/language therapy, physical and occupational therapy), Diagnostic Placements (short-term placements, 60 days or less, available only if student enrollment is not full), and Collaborative Team (consultative support services provided on a case-by-case basis, to support students and their school teams, in the home school district).

Additional Information:

History and Philosophy:

Rooted in the belief that each child deserves an environment in which they can flourish, MSNE designs programs based on the individual needs and capabilities of each student – their abilities, not their disabilities. MSNE believes services are more effectively provided through an integrated, collaborative approach, which includes a vast array of innovative, traditional and non-traditional programs. This requires consistent collaboration and teamwork with parents, school and community stakeholders. Transition is another key programmatic component at MSNE. When a student arrives at Monarch, plans are developed to transition students back to their sending community, once their needs are met.