Parker Academy

2 Fisk Road
Concord, NH 03301
Colleen Sliva
Rachael Lacy
Phone: 603.228.4209
Fax: 603.410.6241

Population Served:

Gifted, Specific Learning Disabilities, Nonverbal L.D., Asperger’s/ High Functioning Autism, ADD/ADHD, OHI, Emotional Disability (anxiety/depression), Speech/Language Impairments and Multiple Disabilities

School Profile:



Approved grades:


Number of days open: 

180 days school year with optional extended year placement




current enrollment 36

Location and Facilities:

Parker Academy is housed in a historic school house located in a rural setting. It provides space for art, tech ed, academic classrooms, and outdoors woods, streams and hiking trails.

Admissions Procedures:

1. Inquiry: Parker Academy receives an initial phone call or email from a party interested in an admission. Action: Complete the inquiry checklist and log the inquiry in the spreadsheet.
2. Call with Admissions Director and/or Tour: The interested party and the Admissions Director conduct a phone meeting and/or tour. Action: Complete the informational checklist and log the meeting in the spreadsheet.
3. Formal Referral: An application and documents are submitted to Parker Academy. Action: Conduct a file review and communicate about the applicant’s appropriateness for the program. Log this information on the spreadsheet.
4. Interview: The applicant and interested parties attend an interview with leadership. Action: Communicate about the applicant’s appropriateness for the program. Log this information on the spreadsheet.
5. Visit: The applicant visits Parker for ½ day. Action: Communicate about the applicant’s appropriateness for the program as well as feedback from the applicant and interested parties. Log this information on the spreadsheet.
6. Decision: Notify the applicant of the admissions decision and a potential start date: Log this information on the spreadsheet.
7. Placement meeting: Prior to admission, hold an IEP and placement meeting with the sending school for school funded placements.
8. An admission date is set.

Programs and Services:

Strengths focus. Full academic program including advanced math and science, foreign languages, with a focus on the arts: visual art, industrial arts, theater, and music. After school activities. Small classes and tutorial instruction. Embedded social pragmatics, social emotional learning, and executive function skill development. Weekly community service. SLP/OT contracted services & credentialed school counselor.

Additional Information:

Diploma granting, extended year options, SAT preparation and college
planning, parent workshops, community service and internship opportunities.

History and Philosophy:

Parker Academy provides a comprehensive education which has the goals of building on students’ strengths and improving skills in their areas of need. Wellness activities, community service, and parent involvement complement individualized academic programming. Using mindfulness as a strategy for self-regulation and applying the latest neuroscience research are key components of our approach.

Parker Academy provides comprehensive educational programming that responds to the individual needs of students and families. We strive to create an educational environment that expects honesty and respect and encourages growth, service, creativity, commitment and success. In order to fulfill our mission, we are committed to the following objectives:
● Academic programming that responds to the individual’s learning style and needs
● Service to school and community
● Physical fitness as part of overall wellness
● Appreciation of and participation in the arts
● Social and emotional growth, and
● Parental involvement