Second Start Alternative High School

450 North State Street
Concord, NH 03301
Bill Mealey, Principal
Amanda Maguire, Assistant Director
Phone: 603.225.3318
Fax: 603.225.0862

Population Served:

Non-coded students, Learning Disabled, Emotionally Disabled, ADHD, Speech/ Language students, Other Health Impaired (OHI)

School Profile:



Approved grades:


Number of days open: 






Location and Facilities:

450 North State St., Concord NH 03301

Admissions Procedures:

A student interested in enrolling in the alternative high school must work with their town’s school district to begin the application process. Prospective students will complete an intake interview with their parent(s) and the program director. If it is determined that the student is a good fit, a visit and tour will be scheduled with the potential student. Following the interview, visit, and informal testing, the student can generally start at the next quarter break.

Programs and Services:

The Alternative High School has a certified teacher for each classroom. Academic classes are held for 3 hours per day. This can be combined with a TET class or classes at the student’s sending school.

The Transitional Employment and Training (TET) program is a specialized vocational training program, consisting of a continuum of transitional services starting with Personal and Social Responsibility classes (with a limit of 5 students, focused on development of social skills and job readiness) and an internship-based program designed to support students in exploring career-oriented positions while meeting weekly with other students to share experiences.

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a drug, alcohol, and violence prevention program in which counselors run weekly groups.

Additional Information:

Transportation within the Concord area is available.

History and Philosophy:

Since 1981, Second Start has offered an alternative high school program for adolescents who have previously been unable to succeed in a traditional high school setting. The Alternative Program is based on the belief that some students need a small, structured and highly individualized school community setting in which to make academic and personal progress.