Squamscott River Academy (SRA)

14 Lafayette Road, Unit #4
North Hampton, NH 03862
Nash Reddy, M.Ed., Ed.S., Director of Academics
John R. Fulp, M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Superintendent & Director of Operations
Phone: 603-932-7809

Population Served:

Squamscott River Academy (SRA), a private school in the Mount Prospect Academy, Inc. program of schools, is an acute therapeutic trauma informed program for females. The program’s approach is based on the understanding of how difficult it can be for a child to meaningfully participate in an academic setting if they are preoccupied with underlying emotional or mental health needs. Our goal is to foster a safe and supportive learning environment for each individual student. Classes are small with hands-on and experiential learning opportunities. SRA uses a variety of modalities to promote behavioral change and emotional growth through clinical models and interventions including, but not limited to: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ARC (Attachment, Regulation and Competency), Therapeutic Recreation, TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention), the guiding principles of ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), as well as individual and group counseling.

School Profile:



Approved grades:


Number of days open: 






Location and Facilities:

SRA is in North Hampton, NH, just 2.5 miles from the MPA residential program. The school currently consists of two buildings in a small business cul-de-sac. SRA uses community resources to enhance school programming such as several local gym and athletic facilities, outdoor recreational sites and a local farm

Admissions Procedures:

Students can apply to attend SRA as a day student through the principal, Nash Reddy, M.Ed., Ed.S., nash.reddy@becket.org. Current IEP and most recent evaluations required for enrollment consideration. An interview and tour of the program are recommended as part of the admissions process. Students are accepted to attend as day students if SRA is able to meet their educational needs in the current milieu of the school.

Students interested in attending SRA, while receiving clinical treatment in the Mount Prospect residential program (CAST, ERT and Shelter), need to contact the residential admissions coordinators. For New Hampshire students please contact Camille Crosby at 603-726-6975, camille.crosby@becket.org. For out-of-state students, please contact Jeffrey Park at 603-254-2808 jeffrey.park@becket.org.

Programs and Services:

SRA is a New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE) licensed private day school program serving students ages 12-18 (21). SRA is also an approved Special Education program licensed through the NHDOE to award high school diplomas. SRA is the school of record for students placed into the Mount Prospect Academy (MPA) residential CAST, ERT and Shelter for girls located in Hampton, NH.

SRA provides a high staff to student ratio in small class setting (4-8 students per class, with 1-2 para educators and a state certified educator). Classes are built around high interest content, using state approved curriculum, and delivered using a variety of student centered pedagogies. Teachers use a hands-on approach to learning with individualization of content when appropriate. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are met through classroom instruction and/or direct instruction with a certified Special Education teacher. SRA has a school-wide pro-social behavior program that awards students with desired items for using and practicing pro-social behavior.

Additional Information:

SRA is a small school, averaging 20-24 students at any given time. High school students earn quarter credit for every 9 weeks of participation in school classes. SRA is a year-round school, open 220 days of the year.

History and Philosophy:

SRA is a school founded by Mount Prospect Academy, Inc. in the fall of 2019. SRA opened to the first student in November of 2019. Initially founded to meet the educational needs of female students placed at the MPA Residential Program in Hampton, SRA has been accepting day students since the Spring of 2021. SRA believes that all students can engage in their learning when provided with the necessary supports to address their clinical needs.