Strafford Learning Center – John Powers School

317 Main Street
Somersworth, NH 03878
Jessy Gervais, Program Director
Phone: 603.692.4411
Fax: 603.692.6717

Population Served:

Students with learning problems due to serious emotional/behavioral disabilities, learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, other health impairments.

School Profile:



Approved grades:


Number of days open: 





Location and Facilities:

Somersworth, NH – the school is adjacent to Strafford Learning Center.

Admissions Procedures:

The referral process is initiated by school district special education directors.

Programs and Services:

Self-contained day program
Speech and Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Behavioral consultation
Individual and Group Counseling

Additional Information:

ositive behavioral supports
Adventure based learning
Individual and small group instruction and assessment
Role-playing, practice and group processing
Individual and group counseling
Structured positive reinforcement
Transition services in home, schools and within JPS
School-wide consistency in program implementation
Data-based decision making
Certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
Life Space Interviews to process events

History and Philosophy:

The learning environment at JPS provides a highly supportive and structured setting, consistency, and genuine caring for each individual. We believe that every child can have a meaningful and successful educational experience. To accomplish this we focus on the intellectual, social, emotional, and creative domains with each and every student. As a member of the JPS community students will explore and develop creative interests within an integrated curriculum and learn new skills to succeed to the best of their ability.