Birchtree Center

215 Commerce Way, Suite 300
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Sandra Pierce-Jordan, Executive Director
Shelly Fagen, Director of Student Services
Phone: 603.433.4192
Fax: 603.433.3381

Population Served:

Students with Autism, Developmental Delay and Multiple Disabilities

School Profile:



Approved grades:

Pre-K – 12

Number of days open: 

Year round





Location and Facilities:

Portsmouth, NH

Admissions Procedures:

We accept referrals from school districts and from parents. Applications are available at the center, as well as on our website.

Programs and Services:

Birchtree provides year-round, comprehensive, and highly individualized education services to children with autism and their families. Our approach to teaching is based upon Applied Behavior Analysis, which extensive research has shown to be the most effective approach in teaching individuals with autism.

The Birchtree center also offers educational and ABA consultation services to members of the professional community invested in learning about autism and committed to supporting people with autism and their families in schools, homes and communities.

Additional Information:

We provide education and support to family members, helping them develop effective strategies for managing the challenges of day-to-day life with a family member with autism and engaging them in collaborative relationships with other families, school staff, and the community.

Students participate in a wide range of community-based activities in order to promote independence across a variety of settings.

History and Philosophy:

Founded as a nonprofit organization, opened December 2002, The Birchtree Center’s mission is to promote independence, engaging relationships and productive lives for children and youth with autism at school, home and in the community.