Vista Learning Center

A Regional Services and Education Center, Inc. Program
PO Box 370, 31 Old Nashua Road
Amherst, NH 03031
Amanda Reed, Director
Phone: 603.249.9466
Fax: 603.673.5488

Population Served:

Vista Learning Center is uniquely tailored to provide education and life skills to: students with a speech or language impairment; students with specific learning disabilities; students with other health impairments; students with autism and/or diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome; and students with emotional disturbance (such as anxiety disorder or school phobia).

School Profile:



Approved grades:


Number of days open: 






Location and Facilities:

Vista Learning Center is housed in a one-story building in Amherst. The school is surrounded by grassy areas used for soccer, volleyball and community games.

Admissions Procedures:

Download application at vista/forms-and-resources/

Vista Learning Center’s admissions committee will review completed applications and schedule an interview with a student’s parents and representative from their referring school district. A full-day visit for the student is also part of the admissions process. Accepted students are first enrolled for a 45-day diagnostic period, followed by a TEAM meeting. At this point, the enrollment process is complete.

Admissions are accepted throughout the year.

Programs and Services:

Google for Education; language-based instruction; experiential learning opportunities, day trips focused on community building, and community service days; social skills programming using Social Thinking curriculum, and transition services, including vocational program opportunities, ELOs, portfolio development, job shadows, college tours and fairs, career exploration, post-high school testing and vocational rehabilitation.

Additional Information:

Approved by the NH Department of Education. Diploma Granting.

History and Philosophy:

The foundation of Vista Learning Center programs is the belief that no two students learn or are developmentally alike. We must utilize a broad variety of best practices to identify the one that is most effective for each student. The core tenet of Vista Learning Center is a sense of community belonging. Increased academic knowledge combined with emerging social thinking skills essential to navigating the ever-present demands of life must be accomplished through a collaborative effort by parents, school, and related service providers.