Wediko School at the Home for Little Wanderers

11 Bobcat Blvd
Windsor, NH 03244
Tobias Iselin, Principal
Katie Walsh, Admissions Director
Phone: 603.478.5236
Fax: 603.478.2049

Population Served:

Middle and high school students identified with a primary disability of Emotional Disturbance, Other Health Impairment (OHI), Specific Learning Disability (SLD), and Autism. Emotional disabilities served include: ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression and other mood disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Autism and Atypical Development.

School Profile:


Males in the Residential Program, All Genders in the Day School

Approved grades:

Middle and High School (5-12)

Number of days open: 

222 school days, 365 residential days


Day and residential


14 day, 42 residential

Location and Facilities:

Windsor, NH

Admissions Procedures:

Students and families referred participate in an interview process that includes a tour of campus. Call campus or contact Katie Walsh ( to begin the process. Academic records requested initially include a current IEP, most recent triennial testing and a transcript, if available. Parent application is also available through the website. Admissions are accepted throughout the year.

Programs and Services:

Special Education School and residential treatment center, including individual, group and family therapy, therapeutic milieu and therapeutic recreational program.

Additional Information:

Small group instruction, assessment and individualized academic offered. Project based and experiential learning prioritized.

History and Philosophy:

The Wediko School was established in 1990 and is located on 450 acres of land in southern NH. Working to return students to their home and community, Wediko utilizes multi-disciplinary teams, individual treatment plans, and a strength-based approach to design treatment interventions. Wediko maximizes the therapeutic treatment by building collaborative partnerships with each student’s family, school, and outside agencies. The process may be completed in a matter of months or require Wediko to remain involved with the student and his family for an extended period of time.